What Replacement Windows You Want In A Home

When you are looking at houses for your family, it’s encouraging to hear that the home you might be interested in has replacement windows from Rocklin, CA. However, not all replacement windows are the same. Before you get excited about the fact that the house has new windows, you’ll want to find out more about them. Here are some features that are nice to see in replacement windows that can help you ensure that they are high in quality. Not all of the features are ones you can see, so you may have to ask for details when the realtor mentions them.


Triple Pane Glass

Double pane glass is standard for replacement windows today and it works very well. But if you see triple pane glass on replacement windows, you know they are even more energy efficient. Triple pane glass generally only comes on high quality windows so you can have peace of mind about that. Plus, you know you’ll save even more money on energy bills than you would with double pane glass.

Vinyl Materials

While any newer windows are going to be more energy efficient than what was on the house before, if you are looking to buy the house, you might not want to inherit maintenance needs down the road. While wood windows are beautiful, they take a lot of work over the years. Vinyl materials are energy efficient and look nice for years without any work at all.

Low-E Coatings

This is one of those features you’re going to have to ask about because these coatings are invisible. The metallic coatings can do a lot for a home and they’re really nice to have. They reflect heat, so you get benefits any season of the year. They also block UV rays so while you get natural light into the home, you don’t get the heat of the sun that causes items to fade.

Inert Gas Fillings

You’ll also have to ask about this one, but the fillings between the panes of glass are important. While air does a fine job, there are inert gases, like argon and krypton, that do an even better job at insulating. While windows with any filling are efficient, you’ll save more money on energy bills with the inert gases between the panes.

When you are looking at a house that already has Rocklin, CA replacement windows, you are excited that at least you won’t have to replace the windows yourself. However, you need to take caution and a step back and ensure that the windows that were installed are quality…and that they were installed correctly. In addition to details about the windows, ask who installed them. If it was California Craftsman, you can have that peace of mind that things were done right. If you want us to take a look at the windows and give you advice, call us at (530) 887-1857 or stop by 2.4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602 for more information. Buying a new house is a big investment and the windows need to match up to your standards.