What Type Of Window Should Go Above A Door?


When you get replacement windows in Truckee, CA, you have the opportunity to add windows to any room of the house. It’s a good time to make changes in style, color, and in other ways. If you are getting replacement windows to take care of inefficiency in your home, think other changes you might like to make. You might, for example, like the idea of adding more natural light to your entry way. You could put in a window above the entry door to bring in the light, but keep your privacy intact. Here are examples of window types that might work well above the front door.

Stationary Windows

It could be hard to reach a window above the door to open and close it. If you want the window to let in more light, and not to ventilate the space, you don’t really need an operational window. Consider getting a rectangular window that is as wide as your door and a foot or two tall, depending on the amount of space you have available. The window doesn’t have to open and close to serve the purpose you have for it.

Geometric Windows

Windows are generally rectangles, but you can customize your window options and get any shape you’d like. If you want to add some aesthetic interest to your entry way, consider another shape above the door. You might get a circle or octagonal window or perhaps even something really unique like a triangle. Decide what would look best with your house and get something that lets light in and adds to the appearance of the home.

Slider Windows

If you would like the window above your door to open and close, a slider window might be a good fit. These windows are like double hung windows on their sides. They can slide from one side to the other to ventilate the space and they take up more room side to side than up and down, which works well above a door.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are something you often see at the bottom of a picture window. They open out, like a casement window, but they are on their side. It’s a nice fit for above the door because when you have them open, even if it rains, they shelter your home from that rain and act like an umbrella over the window.

These are a few of the options for windows you might install above your entry door when you get replacement windows in Truckee, CA. IF you’d like to talk through more options, or you are ready to get started on the project, contact the professionals at California Craftsman. We’re here to help you through the process on a step by step basis. Call us for a free consultation a (530) 887-1857 or visit us in our showroom at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602 to take a tour of what we have to offer. You can get more details on our website as well at