When The Chills Flow Through Get Replacement Windows


When the winter months hit, you might feel really lucky to live in California. Watch the weather channel and you’ll hear about other places in the country getting huge dumps of snow and bitterly cold blasts. Where you live? It can be chilly and mildly uncomfortable, but that’s about it. However, you should only have to combat those elements when you go outside—not when you’re in your house. If you’ve noticed that you’re getting the chills, and you don’t feel a fever coming on, you might just need replacement windows in Auburn, CA. Here are a few ways to tell that might just be you. 

Your Hand Tells You 

Hands are good for a lot of things on a daily basis and they can also help you judge your window. On a windy day, hold your hand against your window frame around your home. Can you feel the air coming through? That’s a pretty good indication that your windows aren’t holding the weather outside, but instead are freely letting it in. It can be a real bummer to feel that draft on your neck when you’re trying to be cozy and relax in the evening. 

The HVAC Never Stops 

When you’re home, your HVAC system should run sometimes and turn off sometimes. If you’ve noticed on the colder days that it never stops running or if it turns off and then immediately right back on, that could be a window issue, not an HVAC problem. If your windows are letting air leak out and air leak in, the HVAC is going to have to work harder to try and keep your home on an even level. Once you put in new windows, you will block that air out and your HVAC will get the break it needs to remain more efficient for longer. 

You Have A Sweater In Every Room 

Perhaps you’ve gotten used to feeling the chill in your house and you have a sweater on the chair right by the front door. You take your coat off and put the sweater on. It’s just what you do. If you also have to pile on warmer socks, sometimes slippers, and even a hat, you know you’re in real trouble. Your home should be able to maintain a nice temperature and keep you comfortable. If it can’t, the chill may be coming from the leaky windows. 

If you are ready for a comfortable winter (and a great summer, too!) contact the professionals at California Craftsman about replacement windows in Auburn, CA. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need them, that’s okay. You can have our professionals come to your house for a free consultation. We’ll give you honest advice about what your home need pertaining to the windows. Call us at (530) 887-1857. Once you recognize your need for windows, you can visit our showroom to check out styles and colors at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602 where we can show you around.