Which Replacement Window Goes First?


Once you’ve chosen to get replacement windows in Truckee, CA, you might want more details about the installation process. The installers will likely give you a list of things you might want to do before they arrive so your home is prepared, and they can get to work right away. But you might have more questions about the process, either out of curiosity or because you need to know in order to prepare better. Which windows will go in first, for example? You might want to know so you can prepare another room for yourself to work in while those windows go in. Or you might want to get that room ready for the installers and then work on other rooms once they arrive. 

There are no hard and fast answers to this question, and it will depend on the job, the crew, how many people are working on the installation, and many other factors. If you are getting a special window put in, like a bay or bow window, that might take some construction around the window instead of just popping one window out and putting in a new one, the installers may very well start there. They know that window will take the longest and they want to make sure the installers are fresh and ready for the challenge. 

If your job is going to take more than one day because of the number of windows in question, the installers may run through the house, do all of the easy installations, and then return the next day for the others that will take a bit more time. Splitting things up into two days gets them in a different mind frame for the various tasks at hand. 

If you have preferences for your installation, like you want to save the kitchen for last so you can do some baking while they work on the bedrooms, tell the installer when you speak to them on the phone so they can prepare as best they can to meet your requests. It’s best to let them know these things before they arrive so they are organized and more able to go through with what you have asked them to do. 

Every installation is different, and your professional installer should be happy to answer any questions you have about the process. When you are about to get replacement windows in Truckee, CA, the expert installers at California Craftsman are certainly there to help in any way they can. Give us a call at (530) 887-1857 and we’ll help you understand just what you need to do to prepare for the installation before we arrive. If you have any requests, we can talk those over at that time as well. You can also visit with us in person at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602 to see windows like the ones you are getting in person so we can describe to you how the installation will take place. Knowledge is power and we’re willing to share any information you need.