Which Replacement Windows Should You Get?


When you know that your windows are old and out of date, leaking air and causing discomfort, it’s time for replacement windows in Rocklin, CA. But perhaps you’ve lived in your house for a long time and you’ve never had to get replacement windows before. What should you get? Here are a few pieces of advice from professionals to help you figure out what you want, and what your home needs, so you can advance in the right direction.

Think About What You Have Now

First, it’s wise to think about what you have on your home now. Do you have wood windows? If so, do you mind the maintenance or would you like something that’s easier to deal with? What style do you have? Do you like the way it functions? And what about color? Do you want a change or do you like what you have? Thinking about what you have no, what works and what you would like to change can help you head in certain directions with your new windows.

Consider The Budget Options

Many things are going to be determined by the budget you have for the project. If you are low on funds and only have a minimal budget, you may have to get standard windows. And that’s okay. Standard windows are quite good today and they are technologically advanced and will still save you money on energy bills. But if you have more in the budget, you might consider certain upgrades like triple pane glass or low-E coatings on that glass to help you meet efficiency or other such goals.

Think About Window Styles Available

There are many such window styles available and you want to think about what looks good on your house and what would function well. Casement and double hung are the most popular options, and you might want to choose one or the other for the majority of your windows. But you might also want to mix things up and get some windows that are different in style. Consider the styles available and what would look good and where in your home.

Look Into Frame Materials

The materials you want to use for your frames is going to help you figure out your budget, as well as your efficiency goals. Vinyl is the most popular frame material as it is readily available, which makes it cost less. The smaller price might allow you to get more upgrades. The windows are still highly advanced and high in quality, even though they cost more. But there are other frame materials to consider as well.


When you get replacement windows in Rocklin, CA, it’s okay if you don’t know that much about the process. The professionals at California Craftsman work on replacement projects daily, but we understand that you don’t. We’re here to give you the information you need to get the details together for your home. We want you to get the results you want at a price you can afford.