Window and Window Covering Safety

The vinyl windows in your house help with energy efficiency and a number of other things. You want them to keep you safe and secure as well. But the fact of the matter is, if you’re not careful, vinyl windows and their coverings can offer a number of hazards to your family, especially if you have pets and children around. Use these tips to keep your Penryn, CA home as safe as possible around these areas.

Tip 1: Consider Little Ones During Installation
If you are having new vinyl windows installed, you will want to think about your pets and children during the installation process. Ensure that you get windows that are as safe as possible for everyone involved. You might want windows that open only from the top in a child’s room, for example, so they can’t open the window and topple out when they are alone. You might want windows they could crank open to be high as well, like above the kitchen sink. Anything you can do in advance to protect your children, you should consider during the installation phase.

Tip 2: Watch Cords
Once you have vinyl windows and you are working on window coverings, you will want to make sure you do not allow pull cords to hang loose where a child or pet can play with them and access them. They are too tempting and too easy to get tangled up in. Cord free blinds are a great option, or you could consider something like shutters that don’t have cords.

Tip 3: Keep Beds Away from Windows
You need to keep beds, couches, and other items away from the windows as well if you have young children or pets. Sure, kids like to look out the window. But if they have to climb on something unsteady to see out, they could fall through the glass or the open window. Keep furniture away from the windows until children are old enough to understand.

Tip 4: Have Rules
Once your children are old enough to understand rules, set some in place when it comes to glass windows. Don’t let them play near them when they are open and make sure they understand the risks involved. You don’t want any broken glass or hurt children in your house.

Tip 5: Get Safe Glass
There are glass options that are less likely to break than others. You might want to consider that in case children in your house or neighborhood throw an errant ball. Accidents happen and when you have the right kind of glass, it doesn’t shatter and make a dangerous mess inside your house.

If you are interested in safety when it comes to your vinyl windows in Penryn, CA, California Craftsman can help you cover all the details. Contact us at 530-887-1857 and let’s talk about how we can keep your family as safe as possible with new vinyl windows. You can also stop by our showroom at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602.