Window Replacement Can Be Great All Around


When you start to believe that your home needs replacement windows in Loomis, CA, it might be because you feel like your home is getting drafty and inefficient. Or, perhaps you don’t like the way the saggy windows look on the outside of your home. But once the new windows go into your home, you will realize that window replacement can be great all the way around, in so many ways that you might not have even recognized them all until the results start rolling in. Here are a few things you will appreciate about window replacement.

Lower Energy Bills

When you get new windows, one of the perks of the investment is that you will get lower energy bills. Those bills go down because your home is not more efficient than it was before. That’s a great thing for you because you invested in the windows so you will be able to start paying yourself back for the investment right away through the lower bills. Or, you can start saving that extra money for another project.

Energy Efficiency

The reason you are getting lower energy bills is because your home is now more energy efficient. There is no longer air leaking in or out of the house. You aren’t wasting air and your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your temperature normalized. You, in turn, are much more comfortable in your home. What a great side effect of efficiency!

Inside and Outside Aesthetics

You know that new windows are going to look different on the outside of your home. And they do. They give your home a new, fresh look that will be a great impact on the curb appeal of your home. But you also will see a change on the inside of your home because of the new windows. It’s nice to have such a change inside and out with just one project.

More Natural Light

Natural light can work wonders in a home. It makes rooms feel more open and welcoming. It can really change the way a room operates as well. Once you see what you need to do, it’s easier to make the right changes.

Higher Home Value

Your home will be worth more once you get the new windows installed. That higher home value can help you when you sell the house in the future. It’s a benefit to know that you can get what you invest in the windows back when you sell the house. Plus, the house looks better and will likely sell faster at that time.


Getting replacement windows in Loomis, CA is really an all around great project. The professionals at California Craftsman can help you figure out what you need in your home so you can match yourself up with just the right windows. You should get all of the above benefits and then some when you are intentional about choosing the right windows for your home’s specific needs in every way.