A Window Covering Style To Go With Replacement Windows


How would you describe your personal style? It’s not an easy thing to put into words, but you know it when you see it. Part of why you get what you get with your replacement windows in Roseville, CA is because of functionality, but part of it will be because of your style desires. When you choose the replacement windows, it’s also a good time to get new window coverings. The coverings are already off the windows so you can easily install new ones. You will want something that goes well with your new windows, but also something that works with your personal style. Here are a few suggestions based on what you might appreciate and what windows you got.

You Adore Natural Light

Most rooms are going to look larger and more open if they have more natural light coming in. If you like the idea of letting more light in, perhaps you got larger windows, or windows in a certain style that helped you to let in as much light as possible. You will want a window covering that will go along with that goal. It doesn’t make sense to get windows to let in light and then place window coverings over that window that block everything out. Consider something versatile, like shutters, that can block light at certain times or let light in at other times. That can be a nice way to go.

Privacy Is Important

You are going to want privacy in your home, especially at certain times of the day or in certain rooms. Most windows are going to allow people to see in, unless you fog or etch the glass or place the windows high on the wall. But you can get window coverings in a style you appreciate that will help you to maintain privacy when the coverings are closed. You can infuse a lot of style by getting shades with a certain material on them. You might get a certain color or pattern that brings your home into a sense of elegance and style.

Sleeping Must By Done In The Dark

Some people can sleep any time, anywhere, but if you have to have it nice and dark to sleep, keep that in mind when you cover your windows. You might want room darkening shades. That can also be nice in the movie room where you want to relax and watch something with your family, even when it’s not totally dark yet.

Variety Is Something You Crave

If you don’t want every room to look the same, you can mix things up with the window coverings you choose. You can get blinds for one room in one color and shades in a different color in another room. You can show different sides of your style in different areas of the home.


When you get replacement windows in Roseville, CA, it’s a good time to showcase your personal style through new coverings at the same time. Match the two and you’ll love the results.