Are Black Replacement Windows Right?


There are lots of different colors you can get in replacement windows in Loomis, CA, even if you get vinyl windows. Vinyl windows used to only come in white, and that’s still the most popular option. But they are now readily available in other colors, including black. You might have certain pre-conceived notions about black window frames and those can cause you to feel like the option isn’t right for you. Before you make a decision one way or the other, it’s best to know the full truth. Here are some things you might think.

The Windows Are Going To Cost Too Much

Any window is going to be a huge investment, so you are going to want to make sure you have the budget for it, anyway. Black window frames are likely going to cost a bit more than white frames, but they may very well be worth the investment. They will pop and stand out on your house, framing the windows more than white frames would. The cost difference doesn’t usually kill homeowner’s budgets and if you really want something outstanding, it’s worth fitting the difference in.

The Warranty Is Going To Be Worse

When you get black window frames, you might be worried that the warranty on those windows won’t be as good. Black frames will attract heat and fade out, right? They’ll warp because of it, yes? No, not at all! The warranty on black window frames will be just as good as the warranty on any other color. You don’t have to worry about black frames attracting too much heat. They are going to be just as insulating as any other color. They will save you money on your energy bills, for sure.

The Weather Is Too Hot For Black

It might be hot in this area of the country over the summer months, but you aren’t going to have to worry about black windows bringing in too much heat. The black frames are going to insulate your home just as much as white or any other color. You don’t have to worry about black frames being too hot for this climate. It’s not a concern. Just think about what looks good on your house and whether or not you want that contrasting look.

Black Windows Are Too Trendy

It’s true that black windows are a huge trend right now and they are highly popular. However, being on trend doesn’t have to be a bad thing, if that trend is going to stick around. And when it comes to black window frames, that’s a trend that isn’t going anywhere at all. Your windows will look good when they first go on, but also decades from now.


Your replacement windows in Loomis, CA are going to be everything you want and need them to be. You might want to start with a free consultation and go from there. The professionals can give you color samples that you can take home, inspect, and consider with great care.