Bad Things Happen When You Put Off Replacement Windows


You might know that your home needs replacement windows in Roseville, CA. In fact, you’ve known for a long time. But did you know that bad things can happen when you put off the project for too long? They can and you don’t want to be in a situation that is way worse than the one you already have on your hands. Here are some of the bad things that happen when you put off window replacement for too long.

Your Energy Bills Kill Your Budget

Energy bills can really get out of control when you have old, leaky windows that let air pass in and out of your house freely. You aren’t even using the air you are heating and cooling! It’s just seeping right out of the house as soon as you pump it in. It’s a huge waste and you’ll see it on those energy bills. They can get so high that you can barely afford them each month, if you can afford them at all. Before the completely take over your budget, and they will, it’s wise to get those new windows installed so you can have low bills and not ones that make you cry.

Your Home Receives Further Damage

Old windows might have damage on them and that damage can creep onto the house as well if you let the windows go for too long. If the windows have rotting wood, for example, that might get onto the siding or, worse yet, between the walls and into the supports. That can cause structural damage to the home, which is no fun to fix. When you get new windows installed, you stop the damage where it is and don’t let it get any further.

You Are Never Comfortable

Your home is supposed to be the place you can relax and go when you want to have a nice time away from it all. But if you can’t get the temperatures to the right places, you never feel comfortable. It’s too hot in one room, too cold in another, and you’re always messing with the thermostat. That’s not what you deserve in a home. You should be comfortable, at the very least, and new windows can achieve that for you.

Your Home Looks Awful, Inside And Out

When you return to home after a long day, it can be yet another stressor when you see how unkempt your house looks with old, saggy, warped windows on it. Instead of letting things go from bad to worse, you can fix your home’s appearance with fresh windows that make it look much more like a new structure.


When you are ready to stop avoiding replacement windows in Roseville, CA and instead want to get down to business, contact the professionals at California Craftsman for the help you need. We’re here to get you through the process from start to finish, beginning with a free consultation to answer your questions and get you on the right path.