Before And After Window Replacement


You loved your home when you bought it, but you have to admit, it’s seen better days. Buying a home is just the beginning. As the homeowner, you have to take care of your home, maintain it, and even replace things as time goes by. To see if you are ready for replacement windows in Rocklin, CA, let’s take a look at homes before and after replacement windows are installed to see if you can relate to the issues homes have before new windows are put in. If so, you might want to get new ones.

Before-High Energy Bills

Homes that have older windows often have higher energy bills. And those bills don’t get to a high level and then stop—they keep climbing. If you have noticed your energy bills climbing out of control with no end in sight, it could very well be the windows that are the issue.

After-Low Energy Bills

Once new windows are installed, the energy bills are going to sink. One of the best parts about new windows is that once the bills get nice and low, they stay there. The windows aren’t wasting air any longer and you use less energy. It’s a great way to start paying yourself back for the project’s investment.

Before-Drafts And Discomforts

Older windows form drafts because they might warp, rot, or have other issues that cause gaps in the frames. Once they have gaps, air drafts can start to get in and you may even feel them when you are trying to relax. If you can hold your hand up the window and feel air coming through, that’s not a good sign. It’s hard to keep your home at a steady temperature and you are always messing with the thermostat.

After-Complete Comfort

As the windows go in, your home finally becomes a comfortable oasis. There are no air leaks and you are able to keep things at a steady temperature at all times by doing nothing more than setting the thermostat and leaving it alone. You are comfortable in your home, as you should be, and you are using much less energy than you did before, which is also a huge benefit.

Before-Run Down Appearance

Windows show both inside and outside of your home and you can see a run down appearance in your house on both sides of the wall because of those windows. Outside, they might appear saggy and worn. They might have chipped, peeling paint. And they might just exude that old look. Inside, the glass might be fogged over and you can see the warping there as well. You also don’t get in as much natural light as you’d like.


After-Fresh, New Look

Once new windows go in, you have a fresh, new look on your home. You can enjoy more natural light inside and a higher curb appeal outside all at the same time. Your home will raise in value just because of appearance, as well as in other ways due to your new replacement windows in Rocklin, CA.