Do You Want Changes With Your Replacement Windows?


Getting replacement windows in Rocklin, CA is a big project and a large investment. When you go through the process, you want to make sure you get everything you want from it. You can get the exact same type of thing you have now and that might work great for you. But it’s also an opportunity to make changes, if you want. There are lots of things you can at least consider when you look into new windows. Here are a few to consider:

Add Some Windows

Consider how much natural light you want in your home and if you need more ventilation options in certain rooms. You might accomplish those goals through adding more windows to what you already have. You can put some windows above or beside a window bank you already have to expand the light in that area. You could put a window above a door or add one to a bathroom that might not already have one. The options are limitless and now is a good time to get things in order.

Switch The Frame Color

What color are your window frames now? Perhaps a different color would suit your home better or make you feel like you were making a bigger change to your home. You can get a different color, but make sure it’s something you like now, but also something that will go with the home later, even if you make other changes.

Change The Overall Style

Windows come in a lot of different styles and perhaps you can find a style that goes better with your home or functions more along the right lines if you switch to something different. Double hung windows are great, but if you want more light and ventilation, switching from that to casement windows might suit you better. You can also have different styles based on the room of the house you are in. Consider what works best in each room and go from there.

Get Flashy Hardware

There are standard hardware items that come with he windows, but you can get whatever you want. When you are creating replacement windows, you get to customize all of the details, including the hardware. Getting something flashy and elegant for your home might be a nice finishing touch on the project as a whole. It’s a nice way to upgrade the windows in a smaller way that really stands out on the interior.


There are plenty of things you can change about your home when you are getting replacement windows in Rocklin, CA put in. The professionals at California Craftsman are here to help you with every step of the process from start to finish. We want you to get what you need from the project because the windows you install are going to be present on your house for decades. Start with a free consultation with us and go from there. Take your time! You’ll get no pressure from us to move forward at any time.