Classic Window Replacement Trends You Can Count On


As the homeowner in charge of getting replacement windows in Loomis, CA, you get to make all of the important choices and decisions on the products you will have installed. That means that you are going to have to take a look at the popular trends on the market so you can decide what will work well in your home and look as in style as possible. However, since trends come and go, many homeowners choose to stick with the classics that they know will work well now as well as in the future. Here are some classic window trends that you can count on.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

If you only have the budget for standard windows, you are going to get double pane glass and good efficiency. However, there are upgrades you can add to the windows that can add efficiency to your home. That’s a huge trend right now and it’s a classic that won’t go anywhere any time soon, or ever, really. Everyone wants their home to be efficient and they always will. You can’t go wrong with spending extra money (if you have the budget for it) on efficiency upgrades.

Bay And Bow Window Styles

There are window styles that are popular today, but might go out of style tomorrow. Bay and bow windows are not such styles because while they are popular today, they will still be popular tomorrow, next year, and for future decades. These windows are lovely additions to any home and they let in more light, a better view, and architectural interest. You even get more space in the home, which is a great addition to most rooms.

Frames In Black and White Colors

In the past, if you wanted vinyl windows, all you had as an option was white. Today, there are tons of options available. But white is still the most popular choice on the market. Why is that? Because white goes with everything. It can give your home a fresh, new look and the color will go with anything you put on your house in the future. If your home is gray now and you paint it blue later, white will go with both of those colors. Black is another classic option that is rising in popularity today, and isn’t going anywhere. Black will go with any light color and will help you to get a nice contrast on your home, which sets the new windows off nicely.


Letting In Natural Light

Natural light makes smaller rooms look larger, more open, and welcoming and it’s a huge trend right now to let in as much light as you can. However, light isn’t going to go out of style and it’s always something people are going to appreciate. If you put in larger windows that let in more light, that will still be appreciated later on.

There are lots of things to consider when getting replacement windows in Loomis, CA and the professionals at California Craftsman are here to help.