Diagnosing Window Issues


You know there’s air leaks in your windows. You’ve seen water damage on the walls and you know water is getting through. Do you need replacement windows in Loomis, CA? Can repairs be put into place instead? It’s hard to know what to do until you know what’s happening with the windows. Here are a few ways to diagnose the problem at hand.

Find The Problem

The first thing you need to do is figure out what the problem is in the first place. Inspect the windows that are leaking or having issues and see if you can figure out what is causing those issues. You might feel like the caulk around the windows is old and if you replace it, you can stop air leaks. Or, you might notice that condensation is between the glass panes, which usually means the window’s seal has broken. Once you find the problem, you can move forward with a solution.

Speculate The Repairs

There are some problems that can be repaired. If the lock is broken on the window and air is getting in that way, you can get a new lock installed and that might seal the window back up. Perhaps your windows need maintenance and that will help with air leaks. Speculate as to what you might to do repair the window and fix the issue before you move forward with any plans.

Talk To Window Professionals

You might want to admit upfront that you aren’t a window professional. Even if you can spot the problem, you might not know what you have to do to get rid of it. And if you can’t spot the problem, but know there’s an issue somewhere, that’s all the more reason to talk to the window experts. They can come to your home and give you a free consultation regarding your windows. Find a reputable company and they won’t tell you to replace the windows unless it’s really the best thing for you, your home, and your energy bills.

Decide On Repairs Or Replacement Options

Once you have the information you need, it’s up to you as the homeowner to decide if you want to repair your windows in certain ways or replace them completely. Repairs can help them to hold up longer, but replacement will give you all new products that shouldn’t have any problems at all for many years. The decision is yours and will depend on your situation, your budget, and other items. The professionals can help you figure out what to do by giving you the information you need.


If you want to know whether or not the issues your windows have call for replacement windows in Loomis, CA, contact California Craftsman for help. You can talk to us over the phone and let us know what’s going on or invite us to your home for a free consultation. We’re here to offer our expertise and give you advice as if your home were our own. We’ll tell you to replace the windows only if it’s what we would do.