Extending The Life Of Replacement Windows


When you get replacement windows in Loomis, CA, it’s quite a process and even if you enjoyed it, it’s quite an investment and you’d really rather not have to go through it again any time soon. The good news is that most homeowners only go through the process once in their lifetime, but there are also things you can do to extend the life of your new windows so they last even longer than predicted.

Keep The Windows Clean

The first thing you can do, of course, is just keep the windows clean. They are going to look better and operate well when they are clean. Any window glass is going to need to be wiped down on occasion, but you will also want to wipe down the vinyl frames to keep them looking nice as well. Add this to your regular cleaning schedule and it doesn’t have to take up much of your time.

Inspect The Parts Regularly

As you clean the windows, make sure you inspect the parts. Yes, the windows are new now, but it’s good for you to know what all of the parts look like when they are in good working condition. That way, sometime in the future, if something changes, you will notice right away and can replace the part before it becomes a problem. If you don’t look at them regularly, you won’t notice the difference when they start to fail.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Most windows are going to have moving parts and, like any moving part, they will need to be lubricated every now and then. Make this an annual chore that you do on a regular basis and you are a lot less likely to have problems with those moving parts later on in the window’s lifetime.

Buy Good Windows In The First Place

One of the biggest things you can do to keep your windows in good shape over the years is go back to the drawing board and get high-quality windows that last in the first place. That initial purchase is going to be where you make the biggest difference. You want windows with high levels of efficiency and good quality materials and other parts. That’s going to keep things working well for longer than a window with much lower quality things in those areas, even if you don’t do much to the windows over the years.


If you need advice on your replacement windows in Loomis, CA and how to keep them in good condition over the years, or if you are just now starting to think about replacing them, the professionals at California Craftsman are here to help you through the process. You can start by stopping in to our showroom to look at the options and talk to our professionals. Or, you can call us and set up a free consultation with us to get some of the information you will need to get started down the right path. We’re here to help your home get just what it needs.