Going Through The Rooms For Replacement Windows


When you are trying to get replacement windows in Rocklin, CA, you might be pretty floored by the options that are on the market. Before you make too many decisions, you might want to go through the house on a room by room basis to help you to figure out what’s best for your home and family. Here are some of the important rooms of your house and what you might want to consider for each.

Living Room Windows-Size Matters

The living room might be one of the rooms of the house where you spend a lot of time with your family. Size matters in that space because you probably want a lot of natural light as well as ventilation when you need it. You may want a bank of windows or perhaps a picture window with operating windows around it. Letting in lots of light can make your family feel better and more productive. Plus, it can help you to make the space look larger and more open at the same time.

Bedroom Windows-Comfort Is Key

You want to be comfortable in every room of the house, but you need it the most when you are trying to sleep and relax in your bedroom. Comfort is a huge key. What will make that space comfortable? Perhaps you would want to consider triple pane glass that will block noise from the room so you can sleep whenever you need to. Having windows you can open for ventilation is nice as well so you can enjoy the fresh air that comes in. Find a style you like to give you the aesthetic you want as well.

Bathroom Windows-Privacy Is Important

When you have a window in the bathroom, you need privacy above all else. Having a window or two in the bathroom is nice because you can get some natural light into the space and have the option of ventilating. But you also need privacy above all else. If you don’t already have a window in the bathroom, make sure you remember privacy when you put some in. Skylights are good options to bring in light and maintain privacy. Sliding windows high on the wall above tubs are another good option.

Kitchen Windows-Ventilation Needs

If you’ve ever burned anything in the kitchen, and haven’t we all, you know how important ventilation is in that space. You might also just want to open a window when you are baking and it’s nice outside. There’s not always a lot of space in the kitchen for windows so make sure you can ventilate well with the windows you do have in that room.


If you are looking into replacement windows in Rocklin, CA, the professionals at California Craftsman are here to go through your house with you on a room-by-room basis. We can offer professional advice and suggestions that can help you to meet your goals on a budget you can afford. Give us a call and set up a free consultation at your convenience.