Replacing Windows On A Budget


If you really need replacement windows in Rocklin, CA, and you’re willing to take the project on, that’s a good first step. After that, you have to look at your budget and decide how much you have to spend on the project. It’s nice if you have unlimited funds, but that doesn’t pertain to most people. If you have a smaller budget, but you still want to attempt the project, here are some tips to help you get what you need, at a price you can afford.

Start With The Standards

Standard windows come with double pane glass today and they are very technologically advanced and high in quality. If you can afford nothing more than the standards, don’t feel bad about that. In fact, you will get a lot for your home including lots more energy efficiency, a fresh look, and other things you need. Standards are great, especially for those on a limited budget.

Get Advice From Professionals

The professionals are there to help you and if you have a smaller budget in mind, let them in on what you feel you can spend. They can help you to organize what you have and what you can get for that amount. They know where you should spend (like on quality and efficiency elements) and where you can save (like on frame materials). Their advice can help you get everything you want for your home at a cost level you can actually afford.

Get All Windows At Once

While it might sound good to get a few windows now, save up, and get a few more windows later, that’s not in your best interest cost-wise. When you get all of the windows at once, it will cost you less per window. Plus, you only have one installation, which will also save you. And, you start saving on your energy bills right away instead of putting that off longer. Yes, getting just a few windows at a time makes each bill lower, but when you add them all up, it would cost more overall than getting all of the windows at once.

Have Quotes Done

Before you commit to any one window company, have them come to your house, measure, offer advice, and give you a detailed quote on some of the things you want. You can always make changes later, but there might be a company that is able to do the job for slightly less than another and that can help your budget. Keep in mind that you don’t want to go with rock bottom prices because that likely means the quality isn’t there, either in the windows, the installation, or both.


If you need replacement windows in Rocklin, CA, there are certainly options on the market to consider, even if you have a smaller budget to go around. The professionals at California Craftsman are here to help you with the ins and outs of the process. We’d love to start you off with a free consultation and move at your own pace from there.