Good Points Of Energy Star Labels On Replacement Windows


There are some things that you know you want in replacement windows in Roseville, CA, and energy efficiency is probably at the top of the list. In fact, most people get new windows because they are having efficiency issues with their old ones. So, how do you make sure the windows you are getting are efficient? There are lots of ways, but one thing you might do, at least for starters, is only consider windows with the Energy Star labels on them. Here are some good points about windows with these labels.

The Windows Don’t Have To Be Tested

The Energy Star company runs a program where they test products for energy efficiency. Only those that pass get a label. This is a voluntary program and the window manufacturers don’t have to submit their products for testing. If you see that a window has that label, it means the manufacturer submitted it for testing. That alone means a lot. It can mean that the manufacturer believed enough in their product and its efficiency to allow an independent company to test it. They probably wouldn’t have submitted to testing if they thought things would go awry.

Passing The Tests Means A Lot

The windows that have that label have not only to testing, but they have passed those tests. The Energy Star certification means that those windows meet a certain level of efficiency for your region. They might not be the perfect windows for another region of the country, but for your area, they are efficient. They are going to vary in efficiency from there, but they meet at least a base level of efficiency.

The Windows Are Efficient

The Energy Star company has been around for a long time and they test lots of things. They know what they are doing in efficiency so when you see the label on a window, you can bet that the window in question is efficient. You can feel comfortable putting that product in your home an expecting a certain outcome from it.

The Labels Are A Good Starting Point

Watching for that Energy Star label is a good place to start. You will want to compare labels from there as some windows are going to be higher on the efficiency scale than others. But choosing windows to compare that have the Energy Star label will mean you’re in good shape already. You just have to figure out which one to go with from there.


There are plenty of things to consider when getting replacement windows in Roseville, CA, but watching for those Energy Star labels can tell you a lot about the windows and their efficiency levels. The professionals at California Craftsman can tell you even more as well can teach you to read all of the ratings on the labels and understand what they mean and how they will help your home and your overall goals for the project. Give us a call for a free consultation when you are ready.