Window Replacement - Big Investment, Great Savings


When you are looking into replacement windows in Roseville, CA, you will quickly realize that it is quite an investment. But don’t let that bottom line scare you away because you get a huge amount of savings on the other side of the installation. When you look at what you have to spend against what you will save, you will see just how worth it this project really is. You get a lot of other added benefits, too. Here are a few of the things you will save on so you can reassure yourself that the investment is worth the return you will get.

Energy Bills

The thing you will notice the fastest will likely be the energy bills and how far they fall after the windows are installed. The first energy bill you get will be lower, but the next one, the bill you get after your windows have been on your home for a full month, will be even lower. And the bills will continue to stay at that nice, low level. After installation, your home is sealed up and insulated much better than it was before. You are using less energy, even though your home is more comfortable than before. It’s a win-win situation for you.


When you have older windows, especially if they are of the wooden variety, you have to maintain them in order to keep them looking nice and in order to keep their insulating qualities. That maintenance costs you not only money, but also time. If you hire it done, it costs even more money, but at least you get your time back. Plus, things can break down on the windows. IT can be hard to find the right parts for older windows and when you do, they can be costly. All of that adds up and you will have none of those expenses when you move ahead with new windows. That’s another huge chunk of savings that will really add up.

Home Value

Even if you aren’t planning to move any time soon, it’s important to you to have value in your home. When you move, you want it to be worth more than it was when you moved in. New windows will help you with that. They will allow you to get a higher price for your home and, because they give you a fresh curb appeal, you will likely sell your home faster than you would have otherwise.


When you are thinking about Roseville, CA replacement windows, but you are worried about the investment side of things, talk to the professionals at California Craftsman about just how much you stand to save. Once you recognize how low your energy bills will go and how fast you can pay yourself back for the investment, you will know just how worth it the project really is. While the bottom line might look large, the savings will be in place for decades and you can pay yourself back and then save even more.