Pros And Cons Of Black Replacement Windows


When you look at different options for replacement windows in Loomis, CA, you are going to want to know the pros and cons of the options so you are sure that you are getting the right things for your home. That goes for the frame materials, the styles, the hardware, the glass pack, and even the color you get. If you are considering black windows, here are some of the pros and cons of that color.

Pro: A Popular Color

Black is a highly popular color right now. White is always going to be the most popular, but black is a close second today. Not only is black trendy, but it’s a classic so it’s not going to go out of style in the future. You don’t have to worry about your windows not looking good and in style later on since they last a long time. The popularity is going to stick around.

Con: Doesn’t Go With Every House Color

Black windows go with every light-colored home, but they aren’t going to look right with absolutely any color. If you have a darker brown house, for example, that might not work well with black. As long as the color tone you have on the house is lighter than the black, it will work. But you will want to think about the colors you paint your home in the future to ensure they will give you the nice contrast against the black windows.

Pro: Offers A Nice Contrast

That dark color is going to really stand out and pop against your lighter colored home. It’s nice to know that your new windows, which are fresh and attractive, are going to stand out. The frames will, well, frame the windows and make them look even fresher than they would have in another color. The contrast will help you to highlight that new feature on your home for many years to come.

Con: Shows Dirt More

While black is a nice color for window frames, they are going to show dirt a little more than other options. However, if you get vinyl materials, you don’t have to worry about painting the frames. All you have to do is wipe them down when the rain comes through and they get dirty and dusty. Then, they look like brand new once again.

Pro: An Attractive Option

If you want your home to have curb appeal, it’s hard to go wrong with black window frames. It’s an attractive option that looks nice right away, stands out, and will still look good in the years to come.


Con: Not Everyone Likes It

Black is like any other window color. It’s not going to appeal to everyone who might look at your home in the future. Some people prefer white and that’s all there is to it. Other people like something different, like a gray or colored tone. That’s going to be true about any color you consider for your replacement windows in Loomis, CA.