Replacement Windows Save A Bunch Of Money


When you get replacement windows in Loomis, CA for your home, you might first be concerned about the idea of spending so much money. It’s definitely an investment, and a large one at that. It’s hard to focus on much else, right out of the gate. Once you set up a budget for the process, you can start to think about how much money you stand to save once the installation is complete. If you consider that, spending money for the windows doesn’t feel like as big of a deal. You’ll make your money back. Replacement windows give you a great return on your investment. Here are a few ways in which they can save you money and replace the money you spent on them.

Energy Savings

The first thing you will notice when you have new windows installed is that the next time you have to pay an energy bill, it’s much lower. And, the first full month after the windows are installed, the bills are even lower yet. After that, they remain steadily low. It’s a nice change from the super high bills you likely had before with old, leaky windows. You can sit down the a calculator, compare the bills from before and after, and see just how much you save every month. Add those up and you’ll realize just how quickly you can pay yourself back for your investment.

Repair Bills

Old windows are going to break down and you might try to replace old parts that just aren’t available any longer. When you can find them, they cost a pretty penny. Plus, you have to maintain the windows, which also costs supply money. If you have someone else run the maintenance chores, you also have to pay for labor. Either way, you have a lot of miscellaneous bills pertaining to your windows. When you get new windows, those bills disappear and you can add them to your calculation for how much you are saving.

Home Value Increase

If you were to sell your home, it’s worth a certain amount with older windows. When you replace those windows, that value increases. You can place a higher price on the house—and get it. The house looks nicer so you would likely have a lot more people coming through to look in the first place. And you are a lot more likely to get that higher price without someone trying to counter offer something lower. They know it’s worth the price you are asking because of those new windows. You might not sell until well into the future, but when you do, the windows will make you a lot of money compared to what the old windows would have.


Getting replacement windows in Loomis, CA is an investment, there’s no way around that. But it’s an investment that pays off since the windows pay you back and save you money in lots of ways. The pros at California Craftsman can talk to you about more money-saving details.