Your Kids And Window Installation


Replacement windows in Loomis, CA can make a huge difference in your home and you want those changes for your family, including your kids. While choosing the details on the windows can be hard around kids and their busyness, having the windows installed can be even more trouble. You are going to want to think through that process so you can make it as seamless as possible for everyone involved.

Have Them Help Prepare

Before the installers arrive, there are thing you are going to need to do to the house that perhaps the kids can help you with. You need to remove the window coverings, for example. The kids can be in charge of holding certain things while you work. You also have to take down the pictures on the walls and that’s a good thing for a kid to handle as a task to keep them busy. Involve them so you can get the work done with a little help.

Tell The Kids About The Installation Process

While you might know what the installation is going to be like, in general, your kids will have no idea. Let them know that there will be installers moving in and out of the house and that there will be noise and dust. Preparing them for the strangers and the noise can help them anticipate what things will be like. It’s also a good time to set some guidelines for them as to how they should act. Make sure they are prepared to stay out of installer’s way, for example.

Make Other Plans For Kids

If your kids are little and need naps, or you think they would be better off in another location during the installation, make other plans for them the day of the installation. Have a neighbor watch them, a family member take them to their house for the day, or a friend take them to the zoo. Having them out of the house might help you, and them, to get through the process.

Keep Kids Entertained

If your kids will be home with you during the installation, you are going to want to make sure they are busy and entertained. Plan some outdoor activities so they are a bit away from the noise and so they can be out of the way. Inside, make sure they have things to do in rooms that aren’t being worked on so they and the installers are safe at all times.


There are lots of things to think about when you are getting replacement windows in Loomis, CA and, as is true with everything, your kids are going to be a part of your thought process. You thought about them when you chose the windows for your house and you are going to think about them when you are working on setting up the installation. The professionals at California Craftsman are here to help you figure out every part of the window replacement process from start to finish, including recommendations for your kids during the installation.