7 Advantages of Investing in Replacement Windows and Doors for Your Auburn, CA Home

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  • We are professionally certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), an association for home improvement professionals who are knowledge-tested and demonstrate higher professional standards of work.

  • We have both type “B” and “C-17″ California contractor’s licenses. Many other contractors have a “C-17” license only, which limits the type of work they can perform.

  • We offer a 100% workmanship guarantee. 

  • We specialize in “cut-out“ installations for improved watertight durability and improved appearance.

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If you are thinking about upgrading your Auburn, CA home, then you need to consider the pros and cons of each home renovation option. Where should you be spending your money?

Some of the renovations are focused on aesthetic benefits while others are focused on improved function in the home. But, you don’t have to choose between aesthetics and function.

Replacement windows and doors are a great solution that will improve both the appearance and the function of your home at the same time. Here at California Craftsman, we offer the services that you need to create the home of your dreams. 

These are some of the benefits that you can expect if you choose to invest in replacement doors and windows: 

1. Optimize Energy Efficiency 

Boost the efficiency of your home with high-quality materials. If you choose to install EnergyStar rated windows, you will know that you have a product that is designed to seal your home from the weather and elements outside. 

Old windows can make it difficult to manage the temperature in your home. When the windows are outdated, they often have poorly insulated glass and cracks in the frames. As a result, the hot summer temperatures will come into your home even when the windows are closed. Upgrade to replacement windows, and you will seal these areas and keep your cool air inside. 

2. Slash Your Utility Bills 

One of the most noticeable benefits of improved energy efficiency is a reduction in your utility costs. How much do you spend every month on your energy bill? If your bills are high, you can’t do anything to lower the rate that you are being charged. But, you can cut back on your energy usage to decrease the monthly costs. 

The one-time investment in energy efficient doors and windows will help to decrease your utility costs every month. These savings can add up over time! 

3. Give Your Home a Facelift 

What is the first impression that people get when they come to your home? The outdoor appearance of your property will leave a lasting impression for friends and family. If you want to set the right impression, it’s a good idea to be proactive with updating your home. 

New windows and doors can change the style of your home completely. Choose a modern design that matches the other style elements in your home. Not only will you boost the curb appeal, but you will also improve the interior appearance of your property as well. 

4. Protect Your Family 

Did you know that old windows and doors might be targeted by unwanted intruders? When someone is trying to break in, they will target homes with easy entry points. Get rid of the weaker windows and doors and replace them with newer models that integrate modern technology. You can improve your home and protect your family at the same time. 

5. Boost Your Mood 

Is it true that replacement windows and doors can improve your mood? Yes! Not only will you be happy about the appearance of your home, but there is scientific proof that the sunshine helps to improve your mood. High-quality windows will let in the natural light and put a smile on your face all day long. 

6. Increase Property Value 

Compare the appraisal value of your Auburn, CA home before and after the window installation is complete. You will see that high-quality doors and windows help to boost the overall value of your home. 

Choosing these home upgrades right now will allow you to enjoy the benefits while you are living in the home. Then, you will be able to ask a higher price when you decide to sell in the future. 

7. Improve the Function of Your Home 

How difficult is it to open and close the windows in your home? If the frames are old and warped, then you might have a difficult time getting the window to open when you want fresh air. Instead of feeling frustrated every time you open the window, consider the benefits of replacement windows and doors. 

You have the opportunity to custom-design the window installation plan for your home. Choose sliding windows that are easy to use, or you might consider a crank option to open the windows. You get to choose the features that match your preferences. 

It is easy to see the many ways your family will benefit if you choose replacement windows and doors for your home. If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to contact our team here at California Craftsman. You are invited to come to one of our showrooms, or call our office to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation: 

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Replacement Windows & Doors FAQs

1. Are replacement windows really necessary?

Here are some of the few reason why replacement windows is really important:

  • You Want Your Home To Be Comfortable - Old windows can take that comfort away like a breeze—or with a breeze, rather. Older windows leak air, both in and out. 

  • You Want Lower Energy Bills - Once the windows are in place, the air leaks stop and your energy stays inside where you actually need to use it. 

  • You Want High Curb Appeal - When you have new windows installed, your house has a fresh new look that revolutionizes its appearance—both inside and out.

2. What is the most affordable way to replace windows?

To get the most affordable way to replace windows in Auburn, CA, follow the steps below:

  • Always Choose Quality - The higher the quality, the more you’ll save on energy bills later. 

  • Look into various manufacturers that have been around for a long time. When you find a good manufacturer, you have a direct line to a good window company since the manufacturer chooses the companies by hand.

  • Start by looking at windows that have Energy Star labels on them.

  • Then, look at specific labels to help you identify which windows will save you the most money and pay you back for your initial investment. Read more.

3. Should you add a bay window?

If bay windows are on your list of things to consider, here are a few reasons why you might want to put them on the “definitely, yes” side of the list.

  • They Look Phenomenal - Bay replacement windows add visual interest to your home both inside or out. 

  • They Bring In More Light - If you have three regular windows, flat across the wall, they might bring in quite a bit of natural light. 

  • They Increase Home Value - Replacement windows in general are going to raise the value of your home. 

  • They Ventilate Well - You may not keep your windows open very often, but when you do, bay windows can really help. Read more.

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